Stockley Cup and Dunsheath Plate

The Stockley Cup and Dunsheath Plate are the premier public speaking competitions for high school students in the Wellington region. Held annually, the competition brings together the best public speakers and orators from dozens of schools to speak on ideas such as racism, feminism, the relationship between parents and kids, and religion.

If you are interested in entering the competition, speak to the debating convenor at your school for information on this year’s competition (who can in turn contact the Wellington Speaking Union)

In 2020, the Dunsheath Plate is scheduled for 6 August and the Stockley Cup is scheduled for 13 August.

Winners of the Stockley Cup for Intercollegiate Public Speaking

2019: Steph Edlin (St Catherine’s College)

2018: Janhavi Gosavi (Newlands College)
2017: Kiya Basabas (Newlands College)
2016: Kiya Basabas (Newlands College)
2014: Nera Tautau (St Catherine’s College)
2013: Aleks Noble-Campbell (St Patrick’s College Kilbirnie)
2012: Jessie Fenton (Wellington Girls’ College)
2011: Oscar Shaw (Wellington College)
2010: Duncan McLachlan (Wellington College)
2009: Ruth Corkill (Queen Margaret College)
2008: Jacob Diggle (Wellington College)
2007: Jessica Fulton (Wellington East Girls’ Collegae)
2006: James Dawson (Wellington College)
2005: Sean Conway (Wellington College)
2004: Poppy Haynes (Chilton St James School)
2003: Poppy Haynes (Chilton St James School)
2002: Tapukitea Vea (Sacred Heart College)
2001: Salainaoloa Wilson (Sacred Heart College)
2000: Helen Tyrell (Bishop Viard College)
1999: Fia Atatagi (Bishop Viard College)
1998: Fia Atatagi (Bishop Viard College)
1997: Chris Brown (Wellington College)
1996: Alexandra Smithyman (Wellington Girls’ College)
1995: Madonna Malaeulu (Sacred Heart College)
1994: Clare Wintringham (Sacred Heart College)
1993: Roanna Shea (St Mary’s College)
1992: Jane Friel (Bishop Viard College)
1991: Jennifer Riddell (Sacred Heart College)
1990: Maria Boxer (Sacred Heart College)
1989: Meegan Hall (Bishop Viard College)
1988: Marcus Gordon (St Patrick’s College, Wellington)
1987: Philip Quin (Aotea College)

Past Winners of the Dunsheath Plate:

2019: Tai Renner (Wellington College) and Krisha Raju (Sacred Heart College)

2017: Lucas Boennic (St Patrick’s College, Wellington)
2016: Antonio de Gregorio (St Patrick’s College, Wellington)
2014: Harry Bartle (St Patrick’s College, Wellington)
2013: Finn Lowndes (St Patrick’s Kilbirnie)
2012: Shweta Iyer (Queen Margaret College)
2011: Nera Tauta (St Catherine’s College)
2010: Daniel Gendall (Wellington College)
2009: Lauren Holloway (St Catherine’s College)
2008: Taase Pusa (Sacred Heart College)