Victoria Shield

The Victoria Shield is a knock-out impromptu debating competition, open to anyone in the Wellington region. It is usually held in August or September, with all debates taking place on one night.

The actual Victoria Shield was donated by the Victoria University of Wellington Debating Society in 2000 to replace the Management Cup. The Management Cup was presented by Mr Don Harden, a past President of The Wellington Speaking Union, who, before moving to Australia was very active in local speaking events.

Rules of the Victoria Shield

  1. Each team shall consist of two speakers.
  2. For each debate two subjects chosen by the Chief Adjudicator, shall be placed in an envelope.
  3. A coin shall be tossed by the Chairman and the team winning the toss may choose to select either the subject or the side of the debate. The team with the choice of subject shall then be given the envelope containing the two subjects and shall have one minute to determine which of the two subjects shall be debated. Thereafter the other team shall have one minute to decide whether it shall affirm or negate the subject chosen.
  4. From the time when sides are determined, the Affirmative shall have three minutes preparation before their Leader opens their case.
  5. Speaking times shall be six minutes for each speaker, with three minutes reply by each Leader, the Affirmative Leader having the final reply.
  6. There shall be one warning bell at four minutes during the main speeches and at two minutes during the Leaders’ replies. There shall be two bells to signal expiration of time for all speeches.
  7. Interjections from teams and audience shall be permitted, excpet during the Leaders’ replies.
  8. The contest shall proceed on a knockout basis.

Winners of the Management Cup (known from 2000 as the Victoria Shield)


2018: John Brinsley Pirie & Joe Ascroft
2017: Jodie O’Neill & Sam Penno
2016: Not held.
2015: Not held.
2014: Not held.
2013: Udayan Mukherjee & Joe Connell
2012: Hugh McCaffrey & Nupur Upadhyay
2011: Udayan Mukherjee & Ella Edginton
2010: Paul Smith & Clodagh O’Connor-McKenna
2009: Ranald Clouston & Neil Miller
2008: Gareth Richards & Yogesh Patel
2007: Stephen Whittington & Sayeqa Islam
2006: Stephen Whittington & Sayeqa Islam
2005: Not held.
2004: Not held.
2003: Victoria University (Emily Braunstein & Matt Sanders)
2002: Phillip Cornege & Neil Miller
2001: Victoria University (Duncan Small & Chelsea Payne)
2000: Victoria University (Hamish Finlay & Ryan Orange)
1999: Victoria University (Hamish Finlay & Ryan Orange)
1998: Victoria University (Hamish Finlay & Ryan Orange)
1997: Victoria University (Neil Miller & Rob Salmond)
1996: Victoria University (Neil Miller & Rob Salmond)
1995: Victoria University (Alexandra Gillespie & Neil Miller)
1994: Victoria University (Tanya Thomson & S. Sampson)
1993: Victoria University (D. Capie & C. Walker)
1992: Victoria University (D. Capie & A. Crawley)
1991: Victoria University (D. Capie & A. Crawley)
1990: Motown (R. Kan & J. King)
1989: Motown (R. Kan & J. King)
1988: Victoria University (R. Kan & J. King)
1987: 22 Club (J.Fanselow & N. Sainsbury)
1986: IMPS (N. Hannan & M. Gledhill)
1985: Victoria University (I.R Rennie & A.P Stockley)
1984: Victoria University (N. Sainsbury & J. King)
1983: Wellington Rostrum (C. Falconer & H. Hancock)
1982: Victoria University (J. Fanselow & J. Allen)
1981: Victoria University (J. Fanselow & T. O’Brien)
1980: IMPS (N.D.V Cheer & A.A Curran)
1979: B. O’Connor & R.J Smithies
1978: Victoria University (L. O’Connor & T. O’Brien)
1977: Victoria University (D. Linney & C. Falconer)
1976: 22 Club (B.R Newell & J.A Young)
1975: IMPS (N.D.V Cheer & A.A Curran)
1974: Rostrum (B. O’Connor & I.D Anderson
1973: Victoria University (H. Stubbs & H. Hancock)
1972: 22 Club (B.R Newell & J.A Young)
1971: IMPS (N.D.V Cheer & A.A Curran)
1970: 22 Club (W.G.T Wiggs & T.A Roberts)
1969: 22 Club (B.E Brill & I.D Anderson)

Best Speaker of Victoria Shield

2018: Ailidh Leslie
2017: Jodie O’Neill

Chief Adjudicator

2018: Oscar Battell-Wallace & Siobhan Davies
2017: John Brinsley-Pirie